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Become a Member at Cinematique Theater!

Cinematique Theater is proud to stand as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization in Daytona Beach, FL. With that said, we run on your support! Signing up as a member with us counts as a donation, and portions of your donation may be tax deductible. Be sure to confer with your tax consultant for guidance. 


Becoming a member not only discounts your tickets and offers you free popcorn and special events, it also helps provide Cinematique with the ability to continue to operate, improve and expand on programs such as our Free Monthly Members Only Movie Club, our Jazz Concert series and more!

Image depicting Patron Level Benefits

Patron - $60

Image describing Director Level Benefits

Director - $300


Enthusiasts - $100

Image describing Producer Level Benefits

Producer - $500


Executive Producer - $1,000

Thank you for your contribution!

Your membership application is greatly appreciated and we look forward to sending you a thank you letter with your sign up awards and membership cards. 

A Special  Thank You

A special thank you to our Director, Producer, and Executive Producer members for your sizable contribution to Cinematique Theater. With your contribution we are able to continue to offer new and intriguing programs for our members and the rest of the attendees at a variety of programs. We greatly appreciate all contributions to our theater. 




All Aboard Storage

Jed Bailey

Susan Barry

Davita Bonner

David Castagnacci

Annie Jones

Deb Smith

Nancy Murphy

Richard Ryals

Dennis Sobeck

Jennifer Nazak

Sharon Wine

Christine Jorgensen-Higdon

Patricia & Roy Ambinder

Vincent Buquicchio

Jim & Ellen O’Shaughnessy

Dallas & Jackie Peacock

Susanne Raines

Bradley Skinner

Stanley Stockhammer

Denise Wisely

Ali Babazadeh

Jo Anne Schwarzbeck

Mia Zahedi

Patty Teeters

Roxanne Franchini

Robert Higdon


Rebecca & Michael Becker

Jim Doumas & Phyllis Lober

Lee Dunkel Photography

Susan Kopald

Barbara & Stephen Limauro

Glenn Ritchey

Peg Strahman

Judith Thompson

Ellen & Kenneth Wintermuth

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a committee of Director Members and above who congregate on a monthly basis to debate policy changes, staff procedures, and operations of the theater. These members volunteer to meet in person at Board of Directors Meetings and a yearly vote is held to maintain the members of the board. All members are welcome to participate in the vote for new Board Members every year. All Director Members and above are welcome to seek information on joining as a member of the Board of Directors.

President of Cinematique Theater

Ellen Wintermuth

Vice President of Programming

Susan Kopald

Vice President of Operations

Jed Bailey


Davita Bonner


Vinny Buquicchio

Board of Director Members

Lee Dunkel

Roxanne Franchini

David Castagnacci

Valerie Uy

Jim O'Shaughnessy

Susanne Raines

James Doumas

Box Office Management

Dakota Bozeman

Box Office Assistant / Late and Local Booking /  Webmaster

Brendan Hayden

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