What? LIVE Improv Comedy Show

Where? Cinematique Theater

When? Every Tuesday night and select Saturday nights at 8pm

How Much? $5 (really!)

Who? Random Acts of Insanity brings the comedy

Why? Because after spending too much time in front of the computer screen and your contacts start graying-out and your blood-caffeine content is dangerously high, you need to get out and LAUGH.  Why watch a little screen at home when you can watch LIVE Actors?!   Watch hilarious, actors and comedians thrill you with their spur-of-the-moment antics.  Be in danger of splitting your gut from excessive fun. Tell everyone you’re studying.  Tell your wife you’re going out for milk.  Don’t tell your husband anything.  Leave the kids home with Mother-in-Law.  You never know, you may see a wardrobe malfunction. Beats going to church (look out, church lady.) Its fun