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"Healing Words" Video Presentation
Book Signing: RUSTING, By Dr. David Axelrod
September 7 - 2:00 pm







Join our Cafe Cinematique International group as we watch important and provocative films followed by a moderated discussion. The best in international and independent films from all eras find their way to our coffee table.



chaplin_kid_and_dogs_lifeCHARLIE CHAPLIN:  The Kid / A Dog’s Life  ** No official discussion will be held.  Please feel free to stay and talk with friends.  

August 24- 2:00 pm- Part of Café Cinematique International

THE KID presented with A DOG’S LIFE (TRT: 87 mins)

THE KID (1921)- 54 min – B&W, silent w/musical accompaniment
For the first time as a filmmaker, Chaplin stepped into feature-length storytelling with this tale of the down-but-never-out Tramp (Chaplin) and the adorable ragamuffin (6-year-old Jackie Coogan) who, rescued as a foundling and raised in the School of Hard Knocks by the Tramp, is his inseparable sidekick.

A DOG’S LIFE (1918)- 33 min – B&W, silent w/musical accompaniment
Thanks to a dog he finds, Charlie ends up in possession of some stolen loot. But the wrongdoers want their ill-gotten gains back.