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Celebrate Earth Day!
Sunday, April 27 - 2:00 pm

SWAN LAKE - Legends

Mother's Day May 11 - 2:00 pm


Join our Cafe Cinematique International group as we watch important and provocative films followed by a moderated discussion. The best in international and independent films from all eras find their way to our coffee table.




Rebels with a causeREBELS WITH A CAUSE
Sunday April 27, 2:00 pm.  Part of the Café Ciniematique International Discussion Series

A film by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto
Narrated by Frances McDormand.
USA – NR – 72 minutes

A stunningly beautiful new film narrated by Frances McDormand, REBELS WITH A CAUSE spotlights the rebels, a group of citizens from many walks of life, who fought to establish public parks next to a densely populated urban center yearning for access to nature.

Beginning in the 1950s, a national movement was born of principles that may seem obvious today. Unconvinced by land developers who promoted residential construction as unmitigated progress, citizens began banding together to preserve open spaces near where they lived. Narrated by Frances McDormand, REBELS WITH A CAUSE is filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto’s retelling of the story of the schemers and dreamers who fought to keep developers from taking over the breathtaking landscape of the northern California coast. REBELS WITH A CAUSE describes in fascinating detail how dedicated conservationists raised Californians’ awareness of their power to promote change.

In entertaining, brisk fashion, the film chronicles decades of activism that made the San Francisco Bay region the environmental envy of the planet.” – David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle